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Launch Like A LadyBoss

Three Rock- Solid, Step - By- Step Plans for Confidently Launching Your Programs And Cashing In Big Time
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What students are saying....

Tanner signed over 110 women in her membership program in 5 days AND 4 1:1 Clients…

Utilizing the tools in Launch Like A LadyBoss, Tanner has not only signed over 110 women into her membership program (in 5 days), but also signed 4 high ticket clients that same week. This isn’t just a “one time” launch strategy-but an insane trust building and foundation building method that will truly help your audience

Chelsea had over 44 women join her membership program in ONE Launch 

Chelsea had over 44 women join her membership program in ONE Launch.

Chelsea quit her job, doubled her prices, and has over 150 women in her monthly membership, bringing in over $6000/month of recurring revenue.

She has used all THREE strategies:
*Free Challenges
*Free Workshops
*IG Story Mini Trainings

Kayla Made Over $17K using the Launch Like A LadyBoss Method and had her first $25K month in June!

Before going through the Launch Like A LadyBoss course, I had never run a free challenge, workshop, etc. and literally had NO idea what I was doing and zero direction when I made the decision to do one to launch my program

Using the tools from the course I was able to run a successful free challenge with over 600 participants registered and sold out my group coaching course within 3 days of opening enrollment and made over $17,000!
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