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Courtney Tucker

I was about a year into my online coaching business when I hired Meg to be my 1-on-1 business coach. At that time, my business was running well. I was bringing in a decent amount of revenue, but I felt stuck. In just one session, Meg helped me gain massive clarity on who I want to serve and how I want to serve them. By week two, I had tangible action steps to implement and get results. Because of Meg’s support and expertise, I can confidently say that I am taking action every single day to move my business forward, impact more lives, and increase my bottom line.

Aly Bloom

Before I discovered Meg’s business coaching I was having trouble taking all my systems and processes inside of my business and implement them in a consistent way. It was so frustrating because I knew that the plan I had laid out worked, but I had so much trouble actually implementing on a consistent basis. Megan helped me to realize that removing the emotion from the daily tasks and having a consistent schedule that I stuck to was key. Once I realized why I was yo-yoing between consistently showing up in my business and having periods of time where I totally got off track my business skyrocketed. I realized that the coaching was working after my sales went up significantly while the work I was doing was getting increasingly easier to implement every day. I had more time to focus on new growth because I had created a system to get the work that needed to be done, done in a consistent way.
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